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Allergy medicine from quail eggs? Why not. Aspirin came from willow bark.

It all started on a quail farm in France roughly half a century ago. An observant doctor/researcher noticed that farmers and their families on quail farms seemed to have fewer allergy symptoms than the general population in the same area. Over time he theorized that it might have something to do with their flocks of a subspecies of Japanese quail they cared for. His name was Dr. Jean Claude Truffier.

It’s one thing to theorize but another thing to prove your theory. But today published clinical research shows that quail eggs from these quails work to stem environmental allergies - allergies from trees, grass, ragweed pollen, dust mites and cat and dog dander.

It happened this way. Dr.Truffier recorded his findings and they in turn were

investigated in several human clinical trials involving 435 patients carried out by a group of researchers under the direction of a French allergy expert, Dr. G Bruttmann. The most recent trial was a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial published in a scientific journal. It demonstrated that special molecules extracted from quail eggs can stop the over reactive immune system from causing the body to react to allergens with watery eyes, sneezing and itchy noses even before the immune’s defence system fully kicks in.

This special, new, naturally derived allergy medicine is now available in Canadian health food stores under the name ALLERGY-Rf. Dr. Jacqueline Shan, the Canadian scientist who discovered COLD-FX is now introducing ALLERGY-Rf to the millions of Canadians who suffer from allergies. Allergy-Rf is the only clinically proven natural health product available providing multi symptom allergy relief without unwanted side affects. The quail from which the medicinal eggs come from are fed a special proprietary organic diet under strict guidelines so that the key medicinal molecules are always present.


This natural medicine joins other products originated from natural sources like Aspirin which originally came from willow bark. For thousands of years natural products have played a very important role in health care and prevention of diseases.

The ancient civilizations of the Chinese, Indians and North Africans provide written evidence of plant medicine. A 4000-year old Sumerian clay tablet records remedies for various illnesses. Mandrake was prescribed for pain relief, turmeric possesses clot dissolving properties, roots of the endive plant were used for treatment of gall bladder disorders and raw garlic was prescribed for circulatory disorders. Forty-seven percent of the anticancer drugs in the market originated from natural products or natural product mimics.

In the nineteenth century, scientists began to isolate active components from various medicinal plants. Friedrich Serturner isolated morphine from Palaver somniferous and other scientists obtained Taxol from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree.

Sap from the Guggul tree, a species native to India, contains a substance that may help fight heart disease. The herb feverfew (bachelor’s buttons) contains a substances called parthenolide that appears to block inflammation. Plants have also served as the starting point for countless drugs on the market today.

Natural medicine further secured its place among the pharmaceutical world this year when researcher - Youyou Tu of China - won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her role in the discovery of the breakthrough anti-malaria drug, Artemisinin. This medicine was extracted from Artemisia annual (sweet wormwood), an herb which Tu and her team found after researching hundreds of ancient texts and folk remedies. Her discovery and its derivatives remain the most effective treatment for malaria in the world to date.

The world’s largest research organization - the National Institutes of Health - says that more than half of the world’s population still relies entirely on plants for medicines, and plants supply the active ingredients of most traditional medical products.

And now quail eggs are providing yet another health product for the medicine cabinet.

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