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How to allergy-proof your home

Allergies don't end outdoors- pollen always seems to find its way inside during allergy season. And if you suffer from allergies all year, then you'll need to make sure to read our list below to stay as sneeze free as possible.


Shower after spending time outdoors

No matter how careful you are, pollen will cling to your hair and skin when you're outdoors. Always make sure to wash your clothes and shower after spending time outside, otherwise pollen can get transferred to your pillowcase when sleep and trigger your allergies worse than before.

Invest in a HEPA filter

If you suffer from year round allergies, such as to dust mites or pets, then it may be worth investing in a HEPA ("high-efficiency particulate air," or "high-energy particulate arresting") filter. Vacuuming alone can simply disturb airborne allergens and re-activate your allergies. A vacuum with a HEPA filter works to trap airborne allergens in a series of complex fibers. In order for a product to truly be HEPA certified, it must trap 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. Always check the particulate size quoted by the manufacturer to make sure that you're getting the real thing and don't trust descriptions like "HEPA-like" or "HEPA-type".

Vacuum frequently

Almost everything in your home is a pollen/allergen trap- furniture, beds, carpets- so make sure you vacuum and dust frequently to eliminate your allergy triggers. If your allergies are particularly bad, delegate this task to someone else to avoid allergy flare ups, or make sure you wear a mask while cleaning.

Consider pulling out your carpet

If your allergies are particularly bad, it may be best to remove your carpets (especially from your bedroom) where dust and allergens can collect. Replacing carpet with hardwood and linoleum that can be vacuumed weekly could bring you a lot of relief. If you don't want to remove carpet from your life entirely, opt for washable carpets.

Wash your bedding

Make sure to wash your bedding in hot water weekly and get covers for your pillowcases, mattress and boxspring (and wash those too).

Use AC to stay cool during the summer months

To keep your home, especially your bedroom, pollen-free during allergy season, its best to use AC instead of opening up your windows (after making sure to clean out your filters).

Invest in a dehumidifier during humid months

Allergens, especially mold and dust mites love to grown in humid weather. Ideally, your home's humidity should be kept between 20-40%- so if your house's humidity is over 50%, a dehumidifier can keep dust mites and mold growth to a minimum.


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