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Dr. Jacqueline Shan
Bringing scientific credibility to natural health solutions

It’s hard to make wise health choices. I have dedicated my life to bringing scientific credibility to natural health products so that you can make better health choices for your family.


Dr. Jacqueline Shan

Pharmacologist, pioneer in naturally-derived medicine,
co- creator of COLD-FX

From East to West

After overcoming meningitis at the age of young age of 4, Dr. Jacqueline Shan knew she wanted to unlock the healing secrets of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine that cured her. Her journey involved many years of studies and two PHD's and would eventually lead her to Canada where she would co-create COLD-FX, the only naturally-sourced cold medicine in the country to surpass pharmaceuticals in sales.


Dr. Shan believes deeply in bringing together the two worlds of science and nature to move into a new era of safe, effective and standardized natural health products. She is well known as a pioneer of evidence-based natural products and is a multi-award winner in research and science, including the NHP Research Society of Canada’s top science award of 2015.  Dr. Shan serves as the Chief Science Officer (CSO) of Natural RF Life Sciences Inc. and Founder and President of PBG BioPharma Inc. 

COLD-FX formulator and founder, Dr. Jacqueline Shan received top award from Canada’s Natural Health Product Research Society.  

A pioneer in evidence-based natural products and multiple award recipient in research and science ‒ most recently, the NHP Research Society of Canada’s Top Science 2015 Neil Towers “Pride of Burma” Award ‒ (Dr.) Jacqueline continues to be an inspired innovator and champion in the Natural Products arena.


The prestigious science award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to research and advancement in the field of Natural Health Products and nutraceuticals. Dr. Shan is the first industry professional to ever receive the award.

Dr. Shan said, “It is a great honour to receive such a prestigious scientific award. This recognition validates our long term commitment and effort in research, innovation and commercialization of evidence-based natural health products.”

Although nature is a great source of medicine, Jacqueline believes that only science can reveal its true power safely and effectively

Jacqueline’s fascination with natural medicine began at a young age, when her grandmother took her to an herbalist to cure her colds. Upon inquiring what was in the bitter concoction she received, her grandmother replied that it was a family secret, passed down from generation to generation; Jacqueline was resolved to uncover the secret that made these natural remedies effective.


She went on to attend two top medical schools in China, graduating from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences with a Doctor of Science in Pharmacology and later earned her second doctorate, a Ph.D. in Physiology, from the University of Alberta.

It was at this juncture in her life, that Jacqueline was able to explore her idea of marrying traditional eastern medicine with western medical research ‒ her resulting work was the creation of a new paradigm of evidence-based natural medicines and platform technology that set the standard for authenticity, quality and consistency in the natural health product industry. 

With 20 years of industry experience, Dr. Shan has led the way in bringing natural medicine into the mainstream. Her innovative evidence-based approach to natural health products has set the standard for quality and efficacy in the industry.

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