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We spoke earlier in May about using AllergyRf for my son Shaan. He is 14 yrs old and had suffered from seasonal allergies.


Most periods from mid-May to mid-June were miserable for him because he sneezed a lot and had significant congestion.


I gave Shaan one AllergyRf pill a day and it basically shut down 90 percent of the sneezing and congestion. It was truly amazing. We stopped around mid-June and he has been fine.


There will be a second burst of Allergens in the fall and we will start again.


This product worked so well, quite frankly, it was almost unbelievable how quickly and effectively it yield positive result.


I am very grateful to for producing such an effective and natural solution.


Thank you. 



Grateful Dad  


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Just wanted you to know I thought this allergy product was fantastic. It works so well, and I have very severe pollen allergies. I would highly recommend it to any allergy sufferer. 

Paul L., Toronto, ON

I am outside all day teaching tennis and my allergies are terrible. Allergy-RF works great for me. My runny nose and sneezing is gone within 30 minutes.  It works better than the allergy drugs from the pharmacy for me.  I like that it is non-drowsy and that it is available in chewable vanilla lozenges.  Really great product.

Emma C., Toronto, ON

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I was shocked at how quick acting is was. The first sign, I took a lozenge and issue resolved quickly. Loved the chewable aspect​.

My first impressions of the product were that it tasted good and was quickly and easily dissolved in the mouth. I was feeling the early symptoms of what I know from experience would be an oncoming allergic reaction when I took the tablets. I would say approx 20 minutes later I was no longer sneezing and the itching sensation in my nose was almost gone.

I like that it is clinicaly proven, fast acting and has a money back guarantee.

It was very fast acting and didn't have a bad taste!

It sounds like a great natural alternative to allergy medications.

Chewable, nice taste, natural product, no side effects.

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